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April 16, 2015

Pipe Dreams….

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March 18, 2015

Quick Family Supper

After a taxing day at LLHQ (it’s not all long lunches and coffee breaks you know…HONEST!), an evening in front of the stove doesn’t always appeal. […]
November 13, 2014

Breakfast recipe #1: Millet Porridge

I am obsessed with food (you may have noticed!). My whole day revolves around the next meal/snack. I love to use seasonal, local produce but what […]
October 24, 2014

How To: Make Cider

We were much inspired by The Big Apple Weekend earlier in the month. It was fabulous to see so many visitors enjoying the fantastic displays and […]
October 2, 2014

We’re Jammin’….

Basket from a selection £15. What a busy week!  These gorgeous summer-like days have extended our time in the garden and with the knowledge that wintery […]
August 14, 2014

From Plot to Plate in Style: Courgette Fritters Recipe

Having returned from our summer hols we found ourselves sat in the kitchen, gathered around the dining table, feeling somewhat….ill-at-ease. None of us could quite figure […]